A node.js conversor for Function-as-a-Service based appplications using a RPC approach.


To use this framework you need to have an active account in at least one of these providers and obtain its credentials parameters:

  • Amazon Web Services

    Parameters needed:

    • access_key_id

    • secret_access_key

  • Google Cloud Platform

    Parameters needed (in a json file):

    • client_x509_cert_url

    • client_email

    • client_id

    • project_id

    • private_key_id

    • zone

  • Microsoft Azure

    Parameters needed [how-to-get]:

    • subscription_id

    • azure_tenant_id

    • azure_client_id

    • azure_client_secret

A node.js application will be prompted, some examples could be found here.


Using NPM

npm install node2faas

Using GitHub

git clone https://github.com/node2faas/framework.git

How to Use

Play Node2FaaS

node2faas --target /path/to/original_app

When the process ends, check if output folder is filled with faasified app version.

Expected Result